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Yes there is so many thing to say about my Guru. My real Guru name is Master.Ishwar.Singh.Arya. He is the first person who introduced me about Yoga in my life. I don’t know his reputation in this world but for me he is so respectful. He is from very small village (Baddo Patti,Hisar,Haryana) from India and he trained lot of Yogis without taking any single money and without any mean of selfishness. My Guru has only one aim that he wants to spread and make everybody aware about the amazing benefits with the practice of Yoga.
And it’s my wish that if anytime I got a chance than definitely I will introduce my Guru to all over the world.

 My Most memorable experience in my Yogi life is when I got a chance to represent my country (India) at International level in “Rio De Janerio, Brazil in 2002” and I won a SILVER medal in this championship.

Yes we can name Yoga as a treatment method, because with the right practice of yoga under well educated and well experienced trainer we can cure so many kind of physical disorders and diseases.
Like yoga is effective for controlling diabetes, reducing anxiety and depression, curing insomnia, and even recovering diseases like Cancer and Aids.
Yoga also help for Arthritis, Headaches, Migraine, Backaches, Menstrual disorders, Sexual dysfunction, Acidity, Piles, Eyes disorders, Asthma and other breath related disorders, liver, Kidney and other glandular organ etc.

when the people more aware about Yoga and its various aspect and they start doing Yoga under good and experience Trainer with their full of dedication and feelings than I am definitely sure that they will get the real benefit from yoga. HEALTHY AND FIT BODY AND PEACE OF MIND.
Healthy body means we don’t have any physical disorder, disability and diseases and Peace of mind means no stress and tension only Peace and Peace and only Happiness.